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Thanksgiving 2021

Early on in my transition Lloyd Fobi introduced me to the Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. I would like to thank the following individuals who have shared their time, talent and insight in support of starting KBD Consulting. Rich Smith, Brent Heslop, Alex Gray, Jeff Hill, Suzy EngwallErik Van AlstineJosh DunnJohn JoliboisRick YargerTravis Stovall, Matthew J. Enloe, MA, Jesse Gamez, MBAAltaf Merchant, Ph.D.Divya McMillin, Kevin Osborne, Juliet Dixon,Theo Boyles, Tara Doyle-Enneking, Lisa Colvin, PCC, Casper Yu, MBA, Peter Dove, Gabby Markoff, Brenda Young, Chris Bixby, CFP®, EA, CLU®, Wayne FrangeschJaja Okigwe, Luke C. Peterson, Peter Temes, Cecilia Zapata-Harms, Ian Flatt, Joanna Monroe (Sennett)Joe Macias, Jr, MA, CPEC, Dalton Douglas, MHA, CPHQ, T. A. McCannJeff Baumgarner, Jason HigginsonLisabeth SarinEric EngellandJohn Ronald Langrell III, Ph.D.

These individuals and many others I've engaged with exemplify the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success shown below.

I appreciate everyone who has been so helpful and insightful.

All my Best,


Founder, KBD Consulting


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