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My Personal Reflection 11/2/21

Two weeks ago, I shared with my LinkedIn community that I’m pivoting from a traditional corporate leadership role to business consulting. This change is due – largely – from my experiences and learnings from the Covid 19 pandemic. Interestingly, throughout this experience I was making changes that ultimately led to this career transition. I wanted to strengthen my understandings of psychology and corporate culture and completed a Master of Science program in Management and Leadership. Secondly, I made a commitment to my personal well being by changing to a whole foods diet and a concentrated effort on a basic level of physical fitness. I went back to the classroom and co-taught a university course on Globalization. Lastly, I sold my classic Porsche and bought four mountain bikes for my wife and sons! (A reverse mid-life crisis?).

My experience at MultiCare has been excellent. The team that I built and nurtured is more than prepared to help MultiCare grow and prosper. My career experiences working for Government and Health Care organizations provided me with 20+ years of learning about diverse cultures within large and medium sized organizations.

I’m pivoting to consulting to use a different set of capabilities and knowledge that I’ve been nurturing for many years. In my career, I’ve moonlighted as a professor of Innovation, Strategic Business Management, Organizational Development, Human Resources and most recently Globalization. Within the last year, I completed a Master of Management and Leadership program and certifications in: Learning How to Learn, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Designing the Future of Work. I love learning and sharing with others to broaden and deepen their perspectives.

My consulting practice will focus on three areas: Corporate Strategy, Organizational Development and Health Care Business consulting. I’m currently engaged as a consultant with an artificial intelligence firm focused on automating back-office processes, an organization that provides a psychometric tool as part of the recruiting and selection process, an organization that desires to implement a performance management system that aligns and supports the organization’s mission, vision and values, and lastly a gig with a firm that built a novel approach to leadership development.

Please reach out to me if you have insight and ideas as I transition from internal to external consulting.

I will continue to serve the Pierce County, Washington community as a board member of the University of Washington - Tacoma Milgard School of Business and as a volunteer for the Gig Harbor High School Athletic Boosters club and the Tacoma Pierce County Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you all for your support!

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