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Strategy | People | Service Delivery | Culture

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Strategy | People | Service Delivery | Execution

I provide 20+ years of experience to our relationship enabling your organization to connect your strategies with people to deliver value to your customers.

All organizations thrive by - getting things done.  This simple objective encourages people, teams and the organization to come together to solve today's ambiguous challenges and opportunities.


Consulting Services

KBD Consulting provides services in the areas of Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Human Resources and the Business of Health Care.

Strategic Planning

Driving success in an ambiguous world.

The planning approach I facilitate includes: a dive into strategic foresight where we identify the drivers of change, engaging the team in strategic thinking around business insights and competitive intelligence - the creation of actionable plans.

As a former professor of strategic business and 20+ years of leadership experience I will guide your organization's plan in a way that focuses on execution for the benefit of your customers and stakeholders.

Organizational and Culture Development

Culture Development from the inside out

As an organizational development expert I will share the implementation of practices, systems, and techniques that affect organizational change.

The goal of which is to modify and improve an organization's performance culture to adapt to the competitive and ever changing business environment. 

HR Operations and Execution

High Performance Human Resources

Building a High Performance Work System for the organization's HR function is critical to attracting and retaining talent.  Creating key success measures ensures delivery of service to the organization.

Health Care Business Consulting

15 Years of Health Care Leadership

Over my 15 year health care career, I've worked for an $80 billion and a $3.5 billion revenue health care delivery organizations. I have experience in the areas of Health Care Strategy, Care Delivery, Mergers, Acquisitions and Health Care Technology.



Thanks for your interest in KBD Consulting. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will be in contact soon! 

Kevin B. Dull, JD, MBA, MSML


Gig Harbor, Washington

1 (253) 313.6033

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An important part of my career and life has been to engage in volunteering opportunities. Here is a list of current engagements.


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